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The innovation network “Future Meeting Space” was created by the GCB and the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC) in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO. It looks into trends, innovations, and societal developments and their possible influence on the meetings industry.

Phase 3


Innovation Alliance  „Future Meeting Space“: Research Phase 3 has started

The research project focuses on the purpose and role of meetings and conferences in today‘s constantly changing work environment.  The third research phase has recently been started by the GCB German Convention Bureau e.V. and EVVC European Association of Event Centers e.V., together with its research partners KFP Five Star Conference Service GmbH, Xing Events GmbH, Maritz Global Events Inc., Radisson Hotels, Seven Centers of Germany and the support of the PCMA Foundation. The third phase builds on the previous results and will be completed by the end of 2020. It focuses on the following aspects:

  1. What is the role and purpose of business events in the communication mix of organisations?
  2. What are the possible different objectives of business meetings?
  3. Based on this: what are the different requirements put forward by different targets groups and stakeholders?
    What are their specific expectations?
  4. What characterises successful business events? How can you measure their success?
  5. What skills and competencies are required by organisations and workforce?
  6. What functions, features and requirements are needed by locations and venues in the future?

Besides the initiators GCB German Convention Bureau e.V. and EVVC European Association of Event Centers e.V., research partners of phase three include:

In addition, we have the support of the Education Foundation of the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA).


More information on the project and how you can become a research partner can be found here:

Research Phase 2

After successfully concluding the first phase of its research in June 2016, the innovation alliance Future Meeting Space launched its second phase in March 2017.

This phase, which will run for one and a half years, is now asking: What are the different types of participants? How are they impacted by the use of different elements of meeting methodology and technology? And how do these elements affect knowledge sharing, learning progress, networking and the experience value of an event for different types of participants (e.g. prosumers and consumers)?

Building on the results of phase 1, a suitable study setup has been created, as well as a catalogue of questions from a user perspective.

Results are available under the title: “User experience as a key success factor: How to create events that engage your audience”

During phase 2 the innovation alliance comprises the consortium leaders – i.e. the German Convention Bureau (GCB) and the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC) – as well as the Fraunhofer Institute of Labour Economics and Organisation (IAO) as the project managers and also the following research partners:

In addition, we have the support of the Education Foundation of the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA).

Research Phase 1

The innovation alliance Future Meeting Space serves as a platform for its initiators to enter into international competition. The aim is to analyse and systematise developments in the meetings industry and, on that basis, to develop requirements that allow successful meetings. These are technical and organisational requirements as well as any that concern the actual rooms.

The literature and technology research, expert interviews and focus group studies conducted under the research and development work of the first phase, completed in June 2016, provided the basis for a catalogue of innovations. This led to the development of six so-called Future Meeting Scenarios that will impact the meetings industry in the future and which are mirrored on the market. This involved highlighting the areas of society, teaching content and methodology, technology, mobility and infrastructure.

To make the results accessible to the research partners of the innovation alliance as well as to their members and customers, the six scenarios show various forms of future meetings and have led to the development of an interactive scenario called Future Meeting Room at the planning level as well as a description in the form of a Future Meeting Guide. The purpose is to cover the future needs and requirements of participants. A Management Summary has been published, presenting the most important results of the first phase.


The Innovation Catalogue

The results of the research phase will serve as an instruction manual for the design of future-oriented organisational, technological and special future meeting spaces in phase 2 of the project.


What does the Future of the meetings sector look like? View our infographic with six meeting formats from Interactice Forum to Unplugged Meeting

Future Meeting Room

The “Future Meeting Room“ promotes interaction and knowledge transfer. The “Future Meeting Room“ was compiled from the scenarios with the focus on different categories. The objective is to promote interaction and knowledge transfer intensively. Furthermore it aims at bringing together attendees with different backgrounds and objectives as well as actively involving the individual.

Management Summary

The meetings industry is transitioning. Therefore the “Future Meeting Space” project provides specific recommendations for action next to showing future developments and opportunities. The management summary of the “Future Meeting Guide” gives an overview of all results from analysis, expert interviews and focus groups starting from January 2015 to the end of the project phase in June 2016.


During phase 1 the innovation alliance consisted of the consortium leaders GCB and EVVC as well as IAO (project management) and the following research partners:


Albert Einstein




Birgit Pacher
Communications, GCB German Convention Bureau e.V.
Phone: 0049 69 242930-18


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